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The Workouts You Shouldn’t Be Doing, According To Experts

Given that many of us pay upwards of $20 per boutique fitness class, it makes sense we’d trust our instructors to keep our bodies safe no matter the difficulty level involved. So we were curious what those same instructors would advise us against doing, whether because we’re likely to do it wrong or because it’s just not as good for us as we thought. We asked the experts, and here are nine maneuvers you might want to avoid, according to those who know best.

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Breaking down the 'fat but fit' phenomenon

If you're overweight but eat a good diet and exercise often, you're probably healthy. But new research finds that being overweight or obese can affect your future health.

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10 Editor-Approved Post-Gym Beauty Product Essentials

By Nada Abouarrage. Photos courtesy of vendors. In addition to finding the perfect weekend getaway essentials , having the right post-workout beauty and grooming products is vital. Effortlessly transition from your go-to pilates or spin class with ease back into your on-the-go lifestyle with these W editor approved post-gym must-haves. Here, a closer look at the best products to improve your post-gym routine. This story originally appeared on W . More from W: 8 Middle-Aged Celebs Who Do Not Look Their Age Brad Pitt's Personal Photos of Angelina Jolie Chrissy Teigen & More Go Nude in W Magazine Kate Moss is Proudly Naked at 43 A Photographic Guide To Everyone Brad Pitt Has Dated Going Out Tops of the Early 2000s Are Officially Back

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We Learned the Best Wrestling Moves From Glow, and They’re Surprisingly Convincing

Actors Kimmy Gatewood and Rebekka Johnson teach us their favorite moves from Netflix's 'GLOW.' Clothing featured: Ultracor Silk Prism Legging, Under Armour Show Stopper Tee, New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi Sneakers, Roxy Tombly Sports Bra, Liquido Patterned Yoga Legging, Saucony Marl Kinvara 8 Sneakers, Mott50 Reese Ultimate Legging, Adidas by Stella McCartney Training Climacool Tank Top, and Rebook Print Run Prime Ultraknit Sneaker.

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This Is How Ryan Reynolds Stays In Killer Shape

With starring roles in Deadpool, Green Lantern, and even making an appearance as Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Ryan has repeatedly proved he’s capable of chiseling his body to superhuman perfection. Given a good diet is key to flat abs like Ryan’s, we were surprised at his latest (and quite funny) revelation: “I am not innovative in the kitchen,” Reynolds admitted to Men’s Health. Unfortunately, his signature quick wit and lack of culinary skills don’t maximize his efforts of getting into killer shape, but his trainer Don Saladino does.

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Tone Your Entire Body With This 1 Move

Short on time? Don't skip the strength-training session - get playful with the plank! By doing multitasking variations of this basic move, you can target your arms, back, core, legs, and booty to chisel out a stronger, more toned you. Related Your Arms and Abs Will Transform After This 2-Week Challeng

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The Best Exercise For Weight Loss, According to the Experts

Some think that weightlifting will make them bulky - which isn't true - and others don't think that pushing around some weight in the gym will help them lose a few pounds. Strength training will definitely help you lose weight and is an integral part of how you can shape your body into the lean, fit machine you've always wanted! How does it work?

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