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Gold's Gym Apologizes for Fat-Shaming Kids in Ad

A Gold’s Gym in Texas is under fire for a controversial ad. After what seems like a misguided attempt to reach out to kids about getting healthy, a Gold’s Gym in Texas is under fire, according to, for a recently mailed ad promoting its youth performance program in Kingwood. What do you think of this ad for a local Gold’s Gym?

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Change the Way You Do the Plank For a Six-Pack, Fast

You've probably done an elbow plank so many times by now that you know the drill by heart: straight back, belly button pulled in, and palms flat on your mat (trying not to clasp them in prayer pose if possible). But Cassandra Bodlak, health coach at Studio Fitness, recommends her clients do a slight modification that's a little more challenging: when in elbow plank, flip your hands over so your palms are facing up.

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We are pleased to announce the new WPHNA Executive Committee for the period 2017 – 2020. They are: Angela Carriedo (Communications Secretary) Claudio Schuftan (External affairs secretary) Jessa Kristine Pis-an (Conferences Secretary) Linda K. Ethangatta (Regional Secretary for Africa) Ted Greiner (Publications Secretary) Two current EC members, Dr Fabio Gomes (WPHNA President) and Dr Margaret Miller (Professional Affairs Secretary) will continue as part of the EC, as their positions were not open for election in this occasion. Four positions remain vacant and will need to be filled through cooption: General Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Projects Director. Read More

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Notice: Members’ Profiles

Due to the election process and the transition to a new executive committee, we are currently out of capacity to update/create members’ profiles. We hope to resume this service as soon as possible in 2017. We apologize for any inconvenience.Read More

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You Can Be a Masterpiece and a Work in Progress Simultaneously, Fitness Blogger Says

Julie Ledbetter is a fitness bug who’s previously trained in competitions. “When women compare bodies of fitness models, competitors, and magazine covers it leads to unhealthy thinking and often times, women feel frustrated, discouraged and think negatively about themselves because they will never “measure up” to those standards not recognizing that they are not realistic long-term,” she says.

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A Gym Is Going To Start Offering Napping Classes — & For Good Reason

Deskercise, yoga with baby animals, prancing around the park — fitness fads come and go. Mashable reports that David Lloyd Clubs is offering a 60-minute class called Napercise. David Lloyd Clubs describes the Napercise class as a way to "reinvigorate the mind, improve moods, and even burn the odd calorie." The hourlong session includes 45 minutes of napping and 15 minutes of light stretching — which is definitely one way to refresh and renew.

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Popular Fitness Model Bares Cellulite and Imperfections to Inspire Followers

Nicole Mejia, a fitness model and guru on social media, reveals her personal body issues to inspire followers. Nicole Mejia found popularity and fame on Instagram as a fitness model, gathering well over 1 million followers as she showed off her shapely curves. Now, the creator of the #FitAndThick franchise revealed in a new Instagram post that her journey is shifting from physical beauty to overall acceptance and health.

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