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5 Things to Look For in a High Quality Protein Bar

If you are looking for your new favorite protein bar, you definitely want it to taste good, but you also want to make sure that it has the right set of nutrients to fuel your body and aid in muscle repair post-workout. So, what might you look for on the [...]

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Tingle Your Tastebuds with Your Own Homemade Lemon Pie

  There’s no better time to enjoy the refreshing sweet taste of lemon pie than the end of spring. Added bonus, if you’ve been under lockdown for months, this is a great way to spend an afternoon indoors, because the rewards at the end are so delicious. It starts with [...]

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How to Practice Yoga at Home for a Great Workout and Mental Relief

You’re probably aware of the benefits of doing yoga for mind and body, and that’s why yoga classes, like restorative or sculpt, are so popular. Yoga can definitely be intense in that it gets your heart rate up throughout flows and with the addition of small weights (like in a [...]

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Cinco de Mayo Ranch Mini Tostadas

We’ve all been doing our fair share of snacking around the home lately, so we think it’s time to mix it up and celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style — with our Ranch Mini Tostadas. The savory bite-sized bits are the perfect finger food to set out and enjoy throughout [...]

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How to Stay Mentally Sane During Lockdown

  Lockdown can be a struggle—your life has changed dramatically! You are stuck inside and the hours may feel longer than usual. Your social life and access to your favorite bars, restaurants, and nature spots are limited, and if you live alone, it can feel super, super weird to not [...]

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