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As alumni of Newtown SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, we, just like the remaining world, were stunned at the horrific news from your home.  Graduates of the NHS Class of 2001 reached out to one another through Facebook, connecting those that have moved to another side of the united states with those folks who stayed in your community.  But whether near or far, the overwhelming sentiments were yet, we wished to do something to greatly help and we wanted the planet to learn how proud we have been of Newtown. One classmate posted an image of a t-shirt she made a couple of years ago for herself and her friends which very simply said “I  <3 Newtown” in hawaii of CT outline. Within moments, other classmates and community members responded, saying they might purchase a shirt like this to both raise money for Sandy Hook’s victims and proudly support our town.
With a simple idea was created. One alum who works in marketing wanted to help obtain the t-shirts and arrange a printer. Another volunteered to greatly help develop a website. Thus was all set. It's not only very important to us to greatly help our very own, but to allow world to learn we have been so pleased with our community, our schools, our neighbors, and can continue being proud that we was raised here.
What's most telling in every this, is that the idea for these t-shirts was created a long time before this event shattered us. These t-shirts were born because our classmate like ourselves, always loved Newtown and we always will.

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